Book Contracts

Conventional wisdom says that writing a book is easy, editing is hard. Getting published by anyone other than Createspace is like flying –  it requires a great deal of perseverance, determination, a can-do attitude, and a shit-load of luck. A lack of sensitivity to pain, and a profound deafness to nay-sayers helps as well.


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How You Do It

There was a guy I used to know, a fellow nursing student, who wore a T-shirt that said:

Nookie; Just Did It.

I think he graduated.

I’ve been working with an established Australian publisher to formulate a deal for writing some books. Severed Press expressed interest in hearing proposals, so I wrote a bunch of ideas based on current, unpublished original WIP’s I have.

They rejected all of them except one that they wanted to change quite a bit. Further discussion gave more clarity around what for them would be a sweet spot in my creative contributions to their publishing empire.

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