What’s he building in there?
What the hell is he building
In there?

~ Tom Waites. What’s He Building?


There’s many reasons to write. Fame, fortune, the love of women (or men). Some will say they write to still the voices in their head, or it is a compulsion.

I write because it is what I do. Like some paint, or do Calculus in their heads.

Permuted Press:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000041_00005] large_TankBread2_Front_Cover

Ten years ago humanity lost the war for survival.

Now intelligent zombies rule the world. Feeding the undead of a steady diet of cloned people called Tankbread, the survivors live in a dangerous world on the brink of final extinction.

One outlaw courier must go on a journey through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Australia. Fighting his way into the very heart of the apocalypse in the desperate search for a way to save the last humans and destroy the undead threat.

His only companion is a girl with an extraordinary secret. Her name is Else, and she’s Tankbread.

“A guts and glory joyride into very dark territory. Very nasty and lots of fun!”
–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and DUST & DECAY

“Sink your teeth into an Australia where the zombies are in charge–you won’t be disappointed.”

“A blast from start to finish. A breathless, country-crossing zombie epic–kind of like Mad Max colliding head on with Dawn of the Dead. TANKBREAD is a unique and very entertaining entry in the over-saturated zombie genre.”
–David Moody, author of the AUTUMN and HATER series

Paper Road Press

A fantastic Wellington, New Zealand based publisher.

I was lucky enough to be included in their Baby Teeth anthology – stories based on creepy things kids say.

They are also the publishers of my novel, Engines of Empathy. Which is book 1 of a trilogy. Book 2, Pisces Of Fate is planned for release in 2015.

Nine months after the destruction of the Adam that reduced the intelligent evols to shambling, mindless zombies, Else is preparing to give birth.

When feral zombies attack her house in the Queensland bush. She must battle zombies, crocodiles and the elements to get her newborn to safety.

Else embarks on a desperate journey of discovery and redemption that, if her baby survives, will herald the birth of a new world.


Until this morning, Charlotte Pudding was almost happy with her life. Apart from her homicidal toaster, dead parents, and general ennui.

Well, maybe not that happy.

Either way, now that she’s on the run from a shadowy corporation, seeking the secrets of her own family history and tolerating the inanities of a retired god, things are looking a bit more interesting.

“A hint of Adams, a dollop of Pratchett, all delivered with a mischievous smile for an intriguing tale that is great fun … A wonderfully humorous tale that keeps you smiling and intrigued to the very end.”
– Te Radar

“Ever wondered what life would be like if all our machines were powered not by electricity or petrol, but by emotions? Neither had I. But now, thanks to Paul Mannering, I can’t stop wondering. Clever, satirical and more than a little weird, Engines of Empathy introduces one of the strangest worlds I’ve encountered in New Zealand fiction – a world that, much like our own, is haunted by the moral consequences of an energy-intensive industrial revolution. From sulking toasters, depressed computers and a passive aggressive fridge to quantum religions and corporate conspiracies, Engines of Empathy is a crazy ride.”
– Dylan Horrocks

“Engines of Empathy is charming, clever, funny, and a rollicking good read. Charlotte Pudding is a heroine sensible and capable enough to tackle an abundance of eccentric characters, shady conspiracies, neurotic machines, attack-sarcasm, and a religion based on quantum mechanics. If Douglas Adams had been forced to undergo relationship counselling with his toaster, this is the book that would have resulted.”
– Debbie Cowens, author of Mansfield with Monsters

The Exodus Conspiracy: An Old Testament Steampunk Adventure.

When God speaks to Moses through a burning bush, he finds himself caught up in a vast conspiracy to free the Lord’s chosen people from the slavery of the land of Khem. Are the Seven Plagues that beset Khem all part of a carefully planned terrorist operation or is the Lord truly working through his most devout disciple?
A steampunk adventure based on the Old Testament stories of Exodus and the struggles of the Jewish people to escape bondage in Egypt.
9700 words.

The Tao Of The Tattoo

I have 123 photographs of my back. The pictures cover a wall in my apartment. Each one aligns perfectly with the next. They create a mosaic of the area between my shoulders, the base of my neck, and the top of my sacral cleft...

So begins the strange story of Sam Easton. College educated, twenty-something, single yuppie. He is living a wild life of partying and making money. Then he wakes up one morning after a hard night on the town with an intricate and highly detailed tattoo across his back.
The search for answers becomes an obsession and Sam finds himself on a Tao, or journey to discover the truth about who gave him the tattoo and why.

The Half Sister

A gifted young surgeon, fleeing from gambling debts completes an unspeakable surgery only to find that years later that those who bore witness to the sins of his past are waiting to see justice done.

The Resolute Report

When an ancient body is discovered in the Arctic ice, a team of researchers come to investigate. At the Inuit settlement of Resolute, they will discover a nightmare that they may not survive.

The Man Who Could Not Climb Stairs and Other Strange Stories

Where could you end up if the only way were down?
An alien invasion requires catering…
A school master has an answer to the problem of insolent boys…
Halloween in a town where it’s terror or treat…
A stowaway to the stars holds humanity’s future in his hands…
A pregnant man has an insane mid-wife…
In a distant future lumberjacks murder trees on the edge of space…
A doll collector who will do anything to keep his girls pure…
A coroner conducts an autopsy and opens a gateway to Hell…

Discover all this and much more in 21 weird tales across a range of genres. From gothic horror to modern suspense and science-fiction to bizzaro in this collection from award winning writer Paul Mannering.

“One of the best collections I’ve ever read, either local or foreign.”
~ Scary

Tales from The Bell Club (Paul Mannering – Editor)

“Welcome to the Bell Club,” he said. “Commiserations on your membership.” ~ Helen Stubbs, Sayuri’s Revenge.

The Bell Club is not like other Gentlemen’s clubs. Within these unassuming walls men and women gather to share their stories of personal horror. Only here can the members truly find solace when they share their experiences of monsters, angry spirits, demonic forces, desperation and unspeakable terror.

With stories from some of the best voices in horror from around the world, this anthology is reminiscent of the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Howard and Blackwood and explores the limits of human experience and the things that lurk in the shadows.

Serial Killer Quattor

An anthology of serial killer stories, that features my tale, Ken and Barbie.

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