Disney Dick Pics

“Anybody who thinks it’s hypocritical for us to hate rape and like sex isn’t very good at thinking.”

~ Tracie Egan Morrissey. Jezebel.com writer.

This strikes me as odd…

To be honest, the entire idea of critiquing Disney prince’s penises and drawing them strikes me as odd.

But what really strikes me as odd is that when this:

Was followed by this (NSFW) :

Some guys lost their freakin’ minds.

People who post violent porn gifs in the comments section – because they can – are assholes. But to avoid being counted among their number, requires a little thinking before you start screaming hypocrisy and some explanation of definitions.

Jezebel is a site that posts pseudo-feminist articles and opinion pieces that can be interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes just silly. That is the nature of Internet journalism. You can post pretty much anything and find an audience for it. Rule 34 applies once again – if it exists, there is a porn for it.

An artists interpretation of Disney character’s junk is silly. It’s also a valid form of art. None of the characters depicted are underage – and ya know, I have heard that women like sex too (porn even). It made me laugh until I got to the comments section. There were the usual jokes about “One day your prince will cum” and so on. Then the MRA’s messages started. Mostly claiming it was offensive because of the previous article about insertion of violent pornography gifs into the comment stream by assholes.

There were calls for equality (i.e: this is hypocrisy because..) a post of cartoon images of Disney princesses displaying their vaginas with captions describing them in detail, is probably not on the Jezebel posting schedule.

It doesn’t need to be. If you want to look at graphic pornography of cartoon characters engaging in sex acts – that internet is filled with it. I’m not sure what demographic of fetish it appeals to – but there is a helluva lot of it.

The NSFW posting on Jezebel with the images of Disney Prince’s in the nude, wasn’t pornography. It was barely erotica – the guys were posing naked, either flaccid or erect and they were alone in the images. They weren’t fucking anyone. It was a parody of the idea of dick-pic selfies and a bit of titillation for women.

Men taking offense at the posting just shows that some of us really don’t get that women, are also human. They’re real people and they enjoy a bit of sexual innuendo or imagery. Just like the rest of us.

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